Thursday, December 11, 2008

Buying the Baby Bus -- An Epic Tale Part 1

So, here at Miles and Miles of Diapers, we don't just hit you with the Mommy Perspective. We've also got some serious Daddy Input. After all, we are living in the 21st century, where equal parenting extends all the way into cyberspace. So without further ado, I present to you...Dave, the amazing WonderDad. He's going to tell you the saga of the trials and tribulations we went through in trying to find the baby bus that was right for us (From now on, Dave's posts will be blue!)

Dave the amazing WonderDad

It is true that men cannot bear children. I know. I’ve tried. But there is something we are genetically programmed to do, and that is research and purchase large vehicles. I’m not saying women can’t do this. It is just that they do not have the gene that allows them to look through pages and pages of used car ads without a flicker of complaint. This is a man’s game. Or so I thought.

Step 1 : Exactly what you want.
So there are these Sprinter vans made by Dodge. They also carry the Mercedes and Freightliner brands but they are the same vehicles. And you can make them into RV’s. Class B RV’s. And there is a company in Austin that will convert Sprinters and do it exactly how you want it done. And they are really nice folks too and I’m thinking this is a match made in heaven. We sat down with a guy at the company and he took us through the whole process. You pick out the van you want, the general layout and then just pick out the options. Bathroom? Sure. Extra chair? Why not? Generator? You only live once! It wasn’t long before we had designed our dream vehicle. It was sweet and decked out too. And really expensive. I’m not talking kind of. I’m talking really. But they would finance it. Over 15 years. Geez. This is starting to look bad and we just started the process.

Wait a minute. Lightbulb. We’re looking for sponsors. These folks need to advertise right? We could trade out the vehicle, maybe. We wrap the bus in an ad for the local Sprinter conversion company, and they give us a Sprinter for free! Well maybe not free, but for cheap. I doesn’t hurt to ask. We ask and…no deal. They would be happy to sell us the van but sponsorship was not in the cards. On to step 2.

More tomorrow...

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