Thursday, March 19, 2009

Walmart on the Bayou

I, like so many people in America, am conflicted about Walmart. On the onehand, it's an Arkansas based company (pro!). On the other hand it's a local business destroyer (con! Big con!). On the other hand it often brings goods and services to isolated communities (pro!). On yet another hand it squeezes companies for low prices (con!). And so on, and so forth.

Last night, Dave, Lisel and I discovered another pro for the pro column. This is a pro known only to the elite group that we have just joined...RVers! It turns out that it is Walmart company policy to let RV's stay the night in their parking lots. It makes sense. You stay there for free, and you buy any supplies you need from them. It's relatively safe, since they have security check on the RVs. It's what is known as a win win situation.

Dave and I first heard about this from my Dad, who heard it from an RVing friend of his. We kind of believed him.

Last night about 11pm, Dave and I decided to see if the rumor was true. We found a Wamart Super Center (because the Super Cente is open all night. A little tip I picked up from an RV website! So inside!)in Lake Charles, LA. When I called to ask if we *really* could stay the night, the woman answered the phone:

"Walmart on the Bayou"

We knew we had to camp there.

This Bayou was 20 steps away from the Baby Bus.

And we were not the only ones. In fact, we were one of 4 RV's staying at the Walmart on the Bayou. It's a whole thing, man.

Last night was also the first night ever that we've camped out in the Baby Bus. And I'm happy to report that a good time was had by all. We all snuggled in the bed in the back and the three of us slept like little babies...especially our little baby.

See how refreshed we look!

Plead don't laugh at the hair.

Sure enough, we got up and purchased supplies and breakfast at what became to us the largest camp store ever. We bought deisel at their gas station (for 1.89 a gallon! We shall treasure these days...). And now we're back on I-10.

Maybe someday we'll return to Walmart on the Bayou.

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