Friday, May 1, 2009

Been a long time since I blog and rolled

Yes, being home has again put a damper on my bloggin. Out there on the road I had a strict at-least-one-post-a-day policy. But at home...It's more like one every couple of weeks. So we're instituting the once a day rule. Just because, really, I don't have a lot to do here in town and I actually miss the blogosphere.

Though I hear through the digital grapevine that blogging is near dead, and that twitter is the way to roll now. Dammit quick moving cultural movements. Give a momma a chance! I'm a little hesitant about the twitter. It's not the twittering, it's the keeping up with other people's twiters that it tough for me. So much data...

So today's entry is about the latest craze that it sweeping the nation...swine flu! That's right folks. Right now we're keeping the bean away from crowds and upping our handwashing to phenomenal amounts. But we're aupposed to leave for a three week tour in a week...the way it all susses out involves some air travel, which , if this global pandemic reaches new scary heights could be, um, really scary. We're trying to figure out how to work around H1N1, coming up with contingency plans and doing our own version of monitoring.

So what about you? How has the swine flu affected your life?

Before we go, check out the cuteness! Lisel is wearing her awesome Freedom Records onesie, with a handcrafted headband by Andee Knutson.


Bruce James said...

AATW needs a broad selection of baby clothes, don't you think?

Gaian Reader said...

oregano essential oil. that is supposed to keep most bugs away. at the airport myself in sandiego. trying to keep up with the world as well. miss you and would like to see your baby while she's still a baby.

Andee and Donnie Knutson said...

Lisel looks so darn adorable! What a hipster she is. Glad you like the headband :)