Friday, May 29, 2009

Being away from our baby...

Is totally weird. I miss her like crazy, and have been calling my folks every couple ofhours to check up on her. But at the same time, there are moments, out here on the road, riding the bus, getting ready for the gig--well there are moments when things are so similar to the way they were before we had a baby, that it almost feels like Dave and I have traveled back in time, and are living in our pre-baby days.


It's not a feeling I especially like, and I'll be beyond glad to get back to our regularly scheduled lives. It makes me realize how, as hard as bringing her out on the road is, it's so much better than the alternatives. I absolutely could not be out her without her. Not for very long at least.

I know by tommorrow afternoon, when the plane is landing in Austin, I'll be as irrational and jumpy as I've ever been. It's how I was on Wednesday when I flew into Austin. And as soon as I see our baby girl, a calm will descend upon me, and I'll feel normal again. Until then, I'll keep checking in, and checking in. And checking in some more.

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