Tuesday, June 30, 2009

If You're Ever in Red River, New Mexico...

You Simply Must Stay at the Lodge at Red River

They're super cool people who run a sweet establishment with hands down the best restaurant in town. And for you night owls, the Motherlode bar next door is the place to be.

If you need to do your laundry you can do it at the Red River RV Park on the outskirts of town. They have a lovely bench on which you can wait.

If you feel up for a hike at 9,000 feet

or just want to take a stroll down Main Street

this is the town for you.

Soon, a Baby Bus Tale Most Foul!


Anonymous said...

i love your rhyming posts. sing song. in a good way. also about like your posting problem, everything you do is perfect. especially your slap dash retrospectives. Not to mention, you have up with this blog longer than, like, any other project ever, seriously. youre like regular and dependable and awesome with this. you should be nothing but proud and i am nothing but grateful!

EMQ said...

Thank you sweets. And I've been following Dingmoonment religiously. I'm sad to miss the wedding showers...I'm thinking, maybe a virtual shower? Can we do that?

Geezerglide said...

You're right-on about "the Lodge". That is one nice hotel! Stayed there during a biker rally recently. The bar really rocks when us ol' farts ride in on our iron horses!!!!

See tonight in Gruene seeetie..

Geezerglide said...

p.s. better warn Eddie! Georgia's sister will be there a houndin' him! :) She's got a crush big time, believe you me....