Sunday, October 25, 2009

Best Friends

Remember how I told you about meeting up with one of my oldest and bestest friends Desaray and her wife Lauren?

It's amazing. And crazy. And extremely wonderful. I got to introduce my child to a woman whose known me since I was a child myself.

And Lisel also got to meet her beautiful baby whispering love of her life.

Life man. The circle of.


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Anonymous said...

Lauren totally whispered that baby to pieces. I only wish those pictures did Lisel's outfit more justice.

Laura said...

I think Lauren & I need to have a baby whisper-off. But we probably need more babies to control the experiment.

Anonymous said...

to Laura- what u talkin' bailed on us that night when we needed some serious baby whispering in Mount Airy!!!! Sincerely, Cioci Carole :)