Thursday, October 15, 2009

Get Rhythm

It's such a weird thing, getting into a rhythm.

Spend all day packing up the bus.

Hug Claire and kiss Dave goodbye.

Get the baby to sleep.

Clean the rest of the house.

Go to sleep later than expected.

Get up earlier than is comfortable.

Fly somewhere.

Meet Claire and Dave.

Play some gigs.

Get dropped off at an airport at an unreasonable hour.

Fly home.

Collapse in a heap.

Spend a couple of days at home doing home stuff.




I realized tonight that this is the rhythm of my life right now. The road life seems all loosey goosey, but under all the chaos a pattern emerges.

Right on.

1 comment:

Gtwodagee said...

As long as you don't kiss Claire and hug Dave, you'll be all right...