Friday, November 13, 2009

In the Studio...

Dave and I had a couple of days off, so we though we'd go into the studio and cut some sides.

We invited some of our best friends/favorite players to
come over the Bismeaux Studios and play some songs -- some we had written, and some thta we needed to cover -- with us.

From the left:
John Doyle, clarinet and saxophone master
Andrew Nafziger, my oldest musical friend in town/favorite guitar player
Sam Siefert the engineer with the mostest
Me and the bean
Dave my favorite drummer/life partner
Lindsay Greene my second oldest musical friend in town/favorite bass player/Fellow Joss Whedon enthusiast

Dude, it was awesome. Above and beyond my expectations.

You'll notice the baby is there. Yes, we brought our baby to the studio. Claire came down and we set up baby land in the front lobby

I was understandably nervous.

But it all worked out delightfully. Having baby added some special baby magic.

I want to write more, but I'm hungry and tired therefor need to eat and take a nap. But I'll fill you in later!

Recording! Boo ya!

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