Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Things about Canada I learned on this trip

-- Canada is a very big country, but it has a tenth the population of the United States. And 90 percent of those people live within 200 miles of the US/Canada border.

-- In Regina (sounds like...) it can get as low as -40 degrees in the winter. Oh, and -40 degrees if the same in Farenheit and Celsius. That's stone cold my friends.

-- The from Winnepeg to Regina (sounds like...) was best described by our bus driver Mack Neal as "like driving through Lubbock...for 5 hours."

-- You never have to see a medical bill in Canada. You're taxed at 38%, sure, but you won't ever go bankrupt because of health care costs.

-- The exchange rate is 1 Canadian loony, to 1 US dollar. When did that happen?

-- Canadian football is like American football...only different.


Katherine said...

Don't forget... Canada wants everyone to know just how much they will lose when gambling. The only way to not lose is to not play.

Anonymous said...

Hi EMQ .What is the name of the hot fiddle player you guys had here in Canada .Dennis -------? He played so well .. like a crazed Joe Holley ,, but with more double stops !! thanks . -Paul weaver/ Calgary.

EMQ said...

Hey Paul,

His name is Dennis Ludiker, and he is great. He stepped right into the gig without missing a beat!

paul weaver said...

Yes Elizabeth .. It was kinda cool after Dennis did like a take off solo and finish , he was usuly a little shy with the audience , and he would look over Eddies' way ( after his fiddle solo ), and Eddie would give a nice smile to him and genuine nod of approval most times . Eddie's stage pressance is so subtle but great , especially when he gets " down in the groove " with his hat half cocked to the side .. Also , Dennis just jumped on " Cherokee Maiden " and realy tore it up too .. That's what is so extra great about watching you guys live.. Every one up there looks like they are enjoying playing .... I read one time a story the great Bob wills once said to a player with him ..... " Boys , When I point for you to take a chorus, I want you to smile when I give it to you , and, I want you to smile when you give it back " / ... Asleep at the Wheel does it all ..... thanx /- p weaver calgary .