Thursday, December 17, 2009

What I wore on this trip -- part 2

I really wanted a new dress for this trip and I was able to find it at Amelia's Retro Vogue, where I had found the dresses for the last Willie tour. In fact, the dress I chose was one I hadn't eye on earlier in the year, but it um, didn't fit. But this time I was able to zip it up!

It originally had a mid-calf length skirt, which may be the most unflattering of all skirt lengths for me. Again, we went shorter than maybe I ever have before, so short that I wasn't sure how comfortable I'd be on stage. But I figured I'd throw caution to the wind.

I dunno, maybe motherhood has made me braver.

The rest of the outfit came together very last minute, like in the dressing room right before the gig last minute. I have to give a shout out to our stage manager Bernie Escobedo for the final outcome. He perfected the one word and walk away fashion advice. I wondered if I should wear my hair up or down? "Up" he said, and walked away. Should I wear black or white frame glasses? "White," he said, and left the room.

And he was right.

I finished off the outfit with some chandelier earrings given to me by my very stylish friend Divya. And here is the result.

David Sanger is the art shot king!

And now for a closer look, with pose!

Again, I'm very pleased with the result.

So there it is, my lucky fashion break. Dude, it'skind of cool to dress up.
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Beth Y said...

Retro Hottie!!!!

tiffani said...

thot mama!

tiffani said...

hot! i mean hot! it's hard to type when the baby wants to type too!

Gtwodagee said...

How about an encore of Rock Lobster??? (insert sound of Liz's shoe hitting me in the head next time she sees me)

EMQ said...

Dude, those B-52 chicks are hot. i'll take the complement.

Erica said...

Good call on the length! Your legs looked hot mama!!!


Dear me. You're figure is stunning. Congratulations.

Geezerglide said...

hubba, hubba!!