Thursday, January 28, 2010

Going to the Grammys

Yes, we're going to the Grammys. Well, we're not going straight to the the Grammys. We have three gigs in Arizona first. Claire is out here with us. She's actually opening the shows in Flagstaff and Gilbert. Which of course is very cool.

All last week, people were asking me if I was getting excited about the Grammys. I told then yes, but what I didn't tell them was that it wasn't excitement like I'm used to. It wasn't night before Christmas giddyness. Nor was it first date butterflies.

Because we have this tour right in front of it. And after the festivities, Dave and I will be visiting his folks in San Diego. And although it's not a long run, it still requires the concentrated logistical though that all tours with babies require. I can tell that until the last note in played on Saturay night, my focus will be elsewhere.

Then I'll be expecting the adrenaline fueled fantasies and the goofiness that big events inevitably bring out in me.

Until then, the road will occupy my mind.

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