Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Grammys

Highlights included:

1.Walking down the red carpet...or should I say the non-famous part of the red carpet. They directed us to the roped off, left hand lane of the red carpet where we were able to watch the various media outlets get their interview stations ready. Somewhere out there, maybe on Lynn's camera, is a sneaky picture we took there!

2.Waiting with my family to see if we won a Grammy. We were the 47th category to be announced. Around the 20th, perhaps is was "Best Tejano record" we started getting nervous. Around number 30, perhaps it was "Best Gospel Record," our heartsbegan to pound. And by 46, I think it was "Best Large Ensemble jazz record," We were a collective wreck.

"We could win this," I thought. "I mean, we have a one in five chance, right?" I started to imagine what t would be like to hear our names called, to stand up, male our way to the podium...

"And the Grammy goes to...Levon Helm" said Mick Fleetwood. Or was it Cobie CallIait.

And in an instant all of the jitters dissapated. I mean, none of us were actually upset. The Band is my all time favorite band of all time, so losing to fellow Arkansas boy Levon Helm...well it was the next best thing to winning. I mean, I lost to one of my heroes.


3. Sharing the day with my husband, my parents, my sister and my brother in law. Talk about lucky. Having then all there, gtting a dressed up and creating this incredible shared memory...amazing.

4. Seeing famous people up close. Those who know me know that when it comes to famous people I have not an ounce of coolness in me. I just get all giddy and giggly. Getting to stargaze with my family was the best! Sighting include Ringo Starr ( Dave yelled "I love you Ringo!" and Ringo waved back), Lady Gaga (she was robbed!), Adam Lambert (very sparkly jacket), Nicole Kidman (she really is that beautiful), Andy Samberg (Ras Trent I love thee!) and Queen Latifah who sat two rows in front of us and who is gorgeous!

5. Watching the Show. It was particularly good this year. Beyonce blew me away! And Pink! Sigh!

Soon, the tale of my dress...

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Deanne said...

We thought about you during the whole broadcast, wondering what you were wearing, looking for you in the crowd, etc. It was just so cool to have one of our friends there and rooting for you to win the world's coolest baby rattle! Sorry you didn't win, too, but I also love Levon. Maybe someday I'll tell you my Levon helm story!

Carole said...

Great post Elizabeth. Love your blog...keep it up.

I thought the Grammy's this year were particularly entertaining! If you had won it would have been spectacular.

EMQ said...

It really would have been great to win! But I seeing the show was pretty great;)