Monday, February 15, 2010

I forgot about pictures

I realize I've been all words no pictures lately. This time around, we actually took pictures in the studio. Not many mind you, but some is better than none.

For one day at least, she wuz.

Disregard the serious face. Really man, it was a lot of fun!

No seriously! It was fun. There were inside jokes and sea shanties and inside jokes about sea shanties!

Will was having fun

As was Sam.

There's a smile! See, I told you so.

P.S. it took me like, half my life to upload these photos to blogger. Usually I just use my iphone for all blogging purposes, but writing with one's thumbs can tire a girl out, and I figured since we're home with a (somewhat) reliable internet connection that I would use my computer, but come on Blogger! Come on! It's almost easier to email myself the pictures, download them onto my phone and insert them from there.

Any ideas?

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Anonymous said...

blogger is just lame