Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I think 8:30 is becoming something of an official bedtime

Not for the baby, but for Dave and I.

And I'm okay with that, which is one of the weirder outcomes of becoming a parent. I mean, it's not an original situation. "Parent Exhausted! Goes to bed Super Early! News at 11!" In fact, it's like this huge commonality among those responsible for younger lives.

It just took over a year for the delight in the early bedtime to finally set in. I'm not just okay with the fact that as soon as I hit the publish button, that my and my husbands asses will both settlle into our Queen Size for the night, I'm ecstatic.

I've been looking forward to it all day.

Not that it wasn't another stellar day in the studio. One of the joys of working with this particular group of guys is how much genuine fun is being had. That's not always the case with recording. In fact, putting people together in a recording environment is often a recipe for bad vibes and hurt feelings. It's can be very hard to communicate what you want to a musician, especially if you're in separate rooms communicating via microphones and headphones. Crossed wires are just par for the course. Even harder, is telling someone that you're just not that into what they're playing ("I like what you're trying to do, but maybe you could...") or that they're just playing it wrong ("Hey, can you hear yourself alright in the mix?") And the moment someone gets their hackels up...well, lets just say things can go downhill pretty quick.

And suddenly, you and everyone around you is either fuming, being fumed at, or trying like hell to ignore the ick in the windowless room.

Which kind of inhibits creativity, you know.

But these guys...these guys are just the bomb-diddly-om, for lack of a better word (which I'm sure exists, but dude, I'm tired). No egos, not left handed compliments or biting sarcasm. No pouting, which is huge. Lot's of ridiculously good input, ridiculously good playing and patience. Sweet patience.

I mean, not that there haven't been disagreements, or even hiccups. But there was never any vibe killing, passive aggressive meltdowns. Not even close.

Just jokes. Lots and lots of jokes.

Dude, it's getting near my bedtime. I've got to go.

Good night (She said with a huge smile on her face)

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