Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Yes it Snowed, Yes it Snowed, Yes it Snowed

It was baby's first snow. I mean, we've been a couple of snowy places on the road, but this was the first time she ever saw snow falling from the sky.

Of course, she dug it, in a "what the heck is this, I think it's tres cool," kind of way. Then we took a picture in it, and she dug it less. I dug it less too, despite my super cheesy smile. I mean, it was snow mixed with sleet and sprinkled with rain. I call it "ick."

Less than idyllic.

But I'll take it!

The bad weather (or should I say the threat of bad weather since the temperatures never dropped low enough for road stickage to occur) kind of threw our house into a tizzy. Both Dave and I had to work today and we had planned on taking Lisel to daycare. But we were unsure of what would happen if the conditions outside deteriorated. Would daycare get closed, and if so, who would pick the bean up? And should we even be risking driving on the roads seeing as how Texans lose all sense of ability to drive sanely at the first sign of frozen precipitation?

In the end, my folks came through. They watched her while we worked. Another reason to be thankful I have awesome parents.

And really, the snow day kind of petered out. It turned into a gray, overcast, vaguely damp day. Which I can handle.

I think this was one of the first times in the history of me that I was actually happy that the snow didn't stick to the roads. Perhaps that's on the checklist. You know you've finally grown up when...


Anonymous said...



Thanks. Kids are so much fun.

It's fun to be reminded of those days.

All the best to your good grandma'


Kathie Sever said...

oh good lord if growing up means feeling relief that snow don't stick may i never ever befall that heinous fate.
just found your weblog. i think there should be more parent-while-also-rock-star blogs.
just my (biased) opinion.

EMQ said...

Thanks Kathy!Have you ever read Baby on the Diaper run. It's a blog that Mates of State write for babble. Inspirational for me, seeing as they have two kids.
What about a rockstar designer/mommy blog, hmmmm?
And girl, I think Lisel is big enough to wear her Ramonster dress!Yay!!