Wednesday, March 17, 2010

How I lost my website and got it back

So you may have done a google search for "Elizabeth McQueen" recently. Or maybe you just typed in into your browser. And you thought you might get my website, right?  But instead you got a strange site in Japanese.

Yeah, um, that's my bad.

You see back last year, when I was dealing with a newborn baby girl, I kind of forgot to pay my web hosting bill.  I'm a terrible bill payer. If not for the amazing bill paying powers of my husband I'd be sitting in the dark with no water or heat hiding out from my creditors.

And I'm especially bad at taking care of those things when I'm in a sleep deprived baby love haze.

I'm pretty sure my web hosting company sent me all kinds of notices. And I'm pretty sure I deleted them without ever reading them because I assumed they were just ads or information. I wasn't so into reading my emails back then.

So they never heard from me and figured I didn't need my site.

So they auctioned it off.

I realized my mistake about a week after the new company posted their new site.  I think it's a Japanese media company.  I translated the page and still couldn't figure it out.

At least it's not porn.

I contacted the new owners immediately and asked them if I could buy back my good name.

No response.

I contacted them again.

No response.

So I gave up and scored another domain name.

My old  site was up there. The one from 5 years ago when I put out my last solo record (5 years! yow!) So I didn't make a big deal out of letting people know.

But the day before yesterday, my new site went up.  It's awesome!

I want to thank everyone who helped me get it together. Jeff Jones took the picture, Katy O'Connor performed her artistic fairy magic on it, and Matt Eskey took that image and built a site around it. How lucky am I to have such talented friends?


So go check it out.  We've got songs from the new record up for your listening enjoyment!

 It's still a work in progress, but I know you'll like what we've got.


Joanna said...

Funny. I just noticed over the weekend that your site had gone Japanese and wondered about it. I was looking for gig info 'cause I remembered you saying you were playing but couldn't remember when or where. When I saw the Japanese, I figured you just hadn't had time to deal with it and had decided to stick with the blog and twitter. Gonna go check out the new site now...

Desaray said...

omg. the site looks great. i love the color. now. you have to make your blog match the site. this concludes this episode of unsolicited advice. love you!

Philip said...

Nice new web site!

EMQ said...

I had a very similar thought Desaray. You read my mind! And thanks everyone for checking out the site!


wonderful music.

BYehaskel said...

I love that you're purple!!! Awesome home page!