Friday, March 26, 2010

I'd forgotten how tiring the road can be.

I think Dave and I have been a little spoiled lately. We haven't been playing so much. And when we do gig it's either in town, or out of town but sans baby (Thank you Mom, Dad and Claire!)

But Mom and Dad are out of town visiting my sister, and Claire is out of town. And we had a gig tonight in Ft. Worth. And we brought the baby.

It's not that anything was too terribly tough. In fact, everything went swimmingly.

We asked some friends Garland and Terry for a babysitting reference, and they ended up offering to watch Lisel themselves. And they invited us over for dinner to boot! I had such a good time, I forgot to take any snaps. Which is a shame because Lisel was loving every minute. Sufficeth to say that Lisel actually reached for Terry, and hung out in her arms for a good while.

That hardly ever happens with folks she just met.

The drive up was super easy peasy. Lisel was in good spirits and then she napped and then we were there.

The hotel room hang was very pleasant, albeit kind if short. Mostly the bean and I played outside.

So yeah, it was really great, relatively chill day.

And yet I just finished the gig and i'm exhausted! Plum tuckered! Kaput! Down to my last dime spent!

What happened?!?!?!?

I think this road thing might be kinda hard.

I think I'm remembering...

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