Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Okay y'all, so I've read about this era in the life of a family. One in which there is a little bean and two formerly fairly healthy parents. And then suddenly, everyone is getting sick.

All. The. Time.

As I've said before Lisel didn't really get any kind of sickness during her entire first year. And for that, I am truly grateful.  Because y'all know, we tempted the poop out of fate. Planes, trains, automobiles, funky hotel rooms, funkier restaurants, and the funkiest of all the funky -- green rooms in super funky clubs.  We took her all these places, and the worst she got was a runny nose. Maybe a little cough. Dave  and I caught a couple ickys. Nothing to bad though.

But for the last month -- and I am not lying about this. It has been four solid weeks -- either Dave or I had had some kind of ick. First it was the never ending sinus infection, followed by tag team stomach viruses (first Dave, then me).

The stomach ick hit me in the middle of what started out as the loveliest SXSW day I think I've ever had. In fact, I live tweeted every little detail. Then I started to feel a little...but just a little.  I thought I could overcome it with a bit of a lay down on a patch of grass on South Congress, across the street from Jo's.

I thought I was feeling better

 hen, just as we were nestling in to our little secluded spot back by the porta-pottys at Threadgills to see Okerville River back up Roky Ericson, it hit me.  Like a wave of badness and ick, it rolled over me, signaling that the fun was done.

I made Dave take me home.

That night and the next day on the road and back from Eagle Pass Texas were of the very sucky variety. You really don't need more description than that.

Though I did get to do a couple more things at SXSW, including seeing the rad Brother's Lazaroff and and performing my first virtual gig (more on that later), the ick simply would not go away. And it put a damper on whatever small plans I'd had for the festival.

Luckily, there's always next year.

Finally, today, we seemed out of the woods. I feel good. Dave feels good.  Then of course, Lisel has a little fever.  She seems to have picked up something somewhere.

Right now she's taking care of the ick by taking the worlds longest nap.

I hope she gets better soon, my little beany.

And I hope neither of us gets it.


ALBraziel said...

I feel ya, Elizabeth! Sorry to hear everyone's been icky. Us, too. :( Summer's coming. That oughta make us all feel better. :)

EMQ said...

Is Summer the key? Please say it is! This was just nutso!