Monday, March 15, 2010

SXSW -- it happens every year

We're almost into SXSW madness.  People from all over the world are roaming our fair streets in their  badges and aviator sunglasses and flipflops, carrying bags full of swag.

And I write to you from my bed.

It's not that I'm super sick, but a bit of the ickyoozy weariness remains. I'm taking the daytime off.

I hope today will be the final day. Because things are about to get busy up in here!

Rehearse tonight. Record for a friend tomorrow.  Play tomorrow night. Play Wednesday afternoon.  And then, the freedom to do whatever I want, aka, the freedom to be overwhelmed by the festival or to stay home or go to the park or...whatever!

I was checking out my friends schedules - friends who are playing eight shows in three days.  Friends who will be in the thick of SXSW. And for a moment, I regretted not setting more stuff up.  I mean, am I missing out on prime SXSW activity time?

And then I remembered the ick.

And the fact that I have a baby.

And I felt okay about my relative lack of shows.

What about you? Do you have any SXSW plans?  And SXSW memories?

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