Thursday, March 11, 2010

Typhoid Mommy

So, I’m working on week two of the sicky icky blues.  My nose is stuffed up. My eyes are gunked up. I’m tired.

In short, it sucks.

The worst thing is that I could have avoided this whole mess relatively easily and simply by taking care of myself.  I mean, I started feeling the ick last Tuesday.  And to my credit, I did take it relatively easy on Tuesday. 


Because “taking it easy” takes on a whole new meaning when you have a baby who is toddling on the verge of todderhood. 

Used to be when I felt even the slightest bit groady I’d turn out the lights, turn off the phone, climb in bed, turn on the TV and sink into the hermithood of the unwell.  I’d do this for days, sometimes weeks and I’d catch up with on my stories, drink lots of fluids and chill out to the maixmus.

Those who know me will know that sometimes I’d do without the sickness.  I was known for my ability to watch mass amounts of TV and my lack of need for direct sunlight.

But now?  It’s not like I haven’t been sick post baby. It’s just that I’ve basically plowed through it, ignoring the aches and runny nose and coughs because I had to. I had to take care of a baby and get to the show and play the show and take my bits of rest in between.

Did I mention I had to take care of a baby? I had to feed and clothe and wash and wipe another human being who was fully dependent on me.  Yes, of course, Dave was there to help. And so was Claire.  But I took on most of the responsibility because I the mom. And that’s what we do.  It’s a mom thing, okay.

This is how I thought I’d handle this current bout of gross. Sure I had a killer sore throat at night and mega congestion and a low down achy feeling but it wasn’t going to stop me.  I took half a day off and then I was back.  I was caring for and playing with and taking to the park and going and doing because that’s what the mom in me does.

I felt good sometimes. Then I felt bad. As the week went on, it seemed to get worse, but only slightly. I had a gig Saturday in Oklahoma, my parents were watching Lisel and I figured that would be my time to recover. My plan?  Take Nyquil every 6 hours and just stay asleep, waking only long enough to play the gig. I’d sleep on the way up, in the hotel room and on the way back. And when I awoke on Sunday, I’d be healed.


I stuck to the plan and yet on Sunday I had a sore throat and something that felt strikingly like a sinus headache.  And my left eye was kind of red.  But I figured I was just feeling the last day effects of sicky.

And then I woke up on Monday feeling truly terrible.  Head pounding, both eyes all gunked up and red. Tired as hell.

I broke down on went to the doctor who diagnosed me with a sinus infection and conjunctivitis aka pink eye aka gross!…in both eyes (ewwwwwww!)

And so finally, I rested.  I was actually quarantined by Dave because when you have pink eye, in both eyes no less, they really recommend that you stay away from little kids. (Do you know how hard it is to not cuddle with your little snuggly bunny of a baby? Very!) And your husband may not be too hip to touching you either.

I have been nicknamed Typhoid Mommy.

And today, I still feel kind of poopy and tired and oozy.  We’re out on the road, and thankfully my parents are watching Lisel at home.  Because I do get to rest out here, lay around and do nothing but play shows.  But it still sucks.

I think I’ve learned my lesson.  When I feel bad, ask for help and take it easy until I get better.

But even as I write that, I don’t really believe it.  I mean really this is the first time I’ve been truly knocked on my ass.  And how, as a parent, do you really stop?  There’s just so much to do when you’re the responsible party.  I hope next time I can nip the ick in the bud, but honestly…how can you tell when to power through and when to sit it out?

I really don’t know.


Kathy said...

Elizabeth, sorry you are under the weather. Hopung to catch your show, with a few friends, in wilmington Saturday night. Hope you're better. Kathy (Laura's aunt)

Jeanne said...

No one would have known you were feeling icky at your show last night at the Birchmere. I was there and you were amazing!! Your voice was crystal clear with full wattage. Just awesome.

EMQ said...

Thank you. I have to admit I went right back to the room and crawled in bed, and I've been sleeping all day. I will beat this ick! I swear!