Sunday, May 30, 2010

Kerville There We Were

The fam took a quick, shall I say whirlwind tour to see Claire perform at the New Folk Competion at Kerrville.
We were limited in our stay by the fact that we are pooped-outicus Maximus from a weekend full of gig. But we did get there in time to see Claire rock it!

And Lisel got a taste of the Kerrville experience!

One of these years we're going to spend some real
Time out there. We'll bring the baby bus and sit in ssinf circle until the wee hours of the morn! One of these years...

Gooooo Claire!

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Linda Bacon said...

Lisel looks so grown up! And so beautiful!!! What are the chance y'all will be in Austin June 26-29th? XOXOXO

EMQ said...

We will so be in town then! We have a gig in Houston with the Wheel on the 26th, and then I have an afternoon gig at Opal Divines on the 27th..after that we're free! I would love to do dinner!

EMQ said...
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Ingrid and Deanne said...

Wish we'd run in to you!!! Kidsville is GREAT for little ones, y'all need to spend some real time out there, come play our camp! "Camp Bayou Love" in the meadow.