Wednesday, June 2, 2010

FTW! plus Cute Baby Alert!

In celebration of "The Laziest Gal in Town's" landslide victory over "Solid Gone" I hearby give you the following video of the band performing the title track from our upcoming record on "Under the X in Texas."

If you watch closely you can see that Lisel Blossom actually steals Dave's  brushes during this song, forcing him to play the rest of the song with his hands. What can I say? The kid is an adorable lover of music!

And now, time to get ready for tonight's gig!

P.S. FTW means for the win! I just learned that like two months ago, seeing as how I'm spending so much time on the interwebs and it's a total interwebs thing to say.

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That is wonderful.
I feel like taking a nap I'm so relaxed.