Monday, June 7, 2010

Getting Ready to Get Ready

I'm in sitting in sunny Coronado, California. I'm typing away at my computer while the rest of the household sleeps. I'm catching up on emails and internet things that have been on my mind.  I'm getting things done a little bit at a time.

And I'm a little worried.

I'm worried because here I am in sunny Coronado with nothing to do but go to the beach and sleep and watch the baby play with my in-laws Goldendoodle and still I'm kind of knackered.  Now this could be vacation knackeredness, the kind you get when you find yourself in a sunny place with nothing to do, and suddenly all the tired that you've been keeping at bay suddenly descends upon you like a weighty cloud slowing you down and facing you to nap.

But there's another possibility. And that is that traveling with the baby makes me wears me out.

This year we traveled much less than in previous years and we've taken the baby with us just a handful of times. And, um, I think I've gotten a little spoiled. I've gotten used to sleeping in my own bed when I'm home and having (gasp) a routine. I've gotten used to traveling without the baby and rocking the road old school styles. Lot's of sleep and "Law and Order" marathons and no driving.

But at the end of July, we're heading out for 35 days on the road.  Dave and Lisel and Claire and I will be traveling from the midwest, to the west to the west coast in the baby bus. It's going to be intense.

And if I'm tired now, sitting at the table in my in-laws house having had at least eight hours of sleep every night for the past 4 nights and no work to do or gigs to get can see where this is going right.

How tired am I going to be on the road?

So now is the time to start gearing up. To start mentally preparing for this tour.  I mean, it will be different than previous tours. For one, Lisel isn't actually a baby any more. I mean, she's always be my baby, but technically she's a walking, talking toddler these days. One who naps once as opposed to three times a day, and who is far more active than she was way back in 2009.

Time to start getting ready.

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