Monday, June 28, 2010

I'm a little worried...

So, this last weekend was, as weekends go, releatively easy. We played in Vidor on Friday night. We took the baby bus and Aimee came with us and we stayed over in Beaumont because it was too long a drive to drive home at night. So we got up early and came back to Austin the next day, just in time for the heart break of watching the USA lose to Ghana, and then Aimee came over at 5pm and Dave and I hopped on he band bus and went to Houston to play the House of Blues. We got some sleep on the way up and the way back and got back into our beds around 3am.

Easy right? Wrong!

Because Lisel is teething/cold-having and her sleeping was not so much. She woke up both nights in the middle of the night and tossed and turned and turned and Dave and I also slept not so much. And I caught Lisel's virulent baby cold. And by Sunday, I was...not so much.

Lisel checks out the selection at the Waffle House

And we're about to go out for a month! More than month! And I was actually feeling kind of confident for a second and then I realized that if everything goes perfect -- no baby bus problems, no virulent toddler illness, no random sleep regression-- we're still going to be hanging on by a thread. And if something does go the words of mu husband, we're fuequed!

I am trying to get myself into the right head space--I want to know that I will be exhausted and run down--I want to expect that and make peace with it. I want to befriend the tired and roll with it. I want to get all zen on the experience. Because if there's one thing I know, it's that nothing every goes perfectly. I will probably be spending a lot of time at the end of my rope.

Can I get cool with that? I want to try.

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cindyred60 said...

Me n George were just talking about when Jesus wasn't all-Zen and was completely freaked with the intensity of what was coming. He would probably totally agree with Dave and like you, he'd try to just be cool with that. :)u rock!c u @ happy hour