Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Goodbye Colorado, Hello Oregon

It's a mere 1300 miles from Denver, Colorado to Bend, Oregon.

Mere! Ha! There's nothing mere about 1300 miles...

And this was the second 1300 mile trip on our tour (the first going from Minneapolis to Challis, Idaho).

Did these drives strike fear into our tour weary hearts? Pshaw! And by Pshaw! I mean yes, very much so! Because that's a long way to drive if it's just you and your adult buddies and you're all taking shifts and just barreling through. But when you have a kid you have the extra added bonus of not being able to drive straight through. Because Lisel is awesome in many, many ways, but she does have limits. And one of her limits is that after about 2pm, and that's at the very latest, she's done.

Well, she used to be done. Our installation of a cheap travel DVD player that straps to the back of the seats, and our extensive collection of Sesame Street DVD's has changed things somewhat. I have a sneaking suspicion she would be happy to sit in that chair for days as long as she had a steady stream of muppets singing songs about numbers and the alphabet at her disposal.

But I feel like no child, certainly not mine, should be all day in a car. And so, we drive part of the way at night. And during the day, we stop. The drivers rest. Lisel and I play.

And this method has actually made both of these massive drives far more doable and much less taxing than we thought they would be. (Don't kid yourself, they're still taxing, just not so much as we imagined they'd be).

Or M.O. has been to make it as far as we can the first night, rest the drivers and wear out the baby during the day, and then take it relatively easy getting into the town of our choice. For this drive it meant a shorter all night drive that got into Bend in time for Dave, Lisel and I to have a sweet family breakfast.

After a quick trip to Target for underwear (I think i've lost half of my underwear stash during the last month) and a jaunt to Whole Food for lunch and supplies (Thank you Whole Foods, for providing us with the opportunity to gorge ourselves on salads and coconut water all over this great land of ours. The hardest thing to find on the road? Delicious leafy greens!) Dave, Lisel and I returned to our ridiculously huge suite for day off...a day in which we locked ourselves in our room and watched TV, because we had nothing left to give!

How delightfully bad of us, don't you think? I mean, we may not get to party put here, or put in late and hazy nights, like we used to, but we're not all good. We can be rule breakers, and watch hour after hour of our favorite network crime/procedural drama (Bones!) when we should be galavanting around Bend, Oregon with it's beautifulness and 85 degree weather.

What can I say? We're bad to the bone, or should I say Bones!

After yesterday's TV marathon and last night's decadent 10 hour snooze session, I think we all feel ready for the next five days. How can it be that we're so near the end?

Time just flies when your crossing the country I guess.

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