Thursday, August 12, 2010

Into the West

Hey, the Midwest is great. I love the Midwest. But there's something about the West that makes my heart expand exponentially.

I was never a fan of westerns, or western art, or any of those other art forms that tried to capture the uncapturable nature of what the West is. The expanse. The scale that puts makes humans seem so very small.

And the people out here...they're a different breed. Friendly, but not too friendly. Rougher and tougher than your average bear.

Like our friends Bill and Mary. They're goal this summer -- to bike 1500 miles during the 90 day Montana summer window. 1500 miles! That just sounds like some kind of made up magic idea to me. But so far, they're already biked 800. Dude!

And during the long winter they ski. All. The. Time.

They make a mean dinner too.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

They're bicycling 1500 miles??? As my father used to say, "That's too far!"

Looks like your tour is already about half o'er. (You got one of them in your fishin' boat?)

Lookin' forward to seeing you!