Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pre-release Copies of the New Record Available Now!


So the big part of the tour is over. We've all gone our separate ways. Dave is in San Diego, visiting family. I'm in Athens, Georgia visiting family (there's exciting news in our family! I'll tell you all about it soon!) and Claire is back in Austin.

Hell yes I slept for 13 hours last night!

I'll be doing many tour recaps in the coming days. But first, I want to tell youthat pre-release copies of the record are available! We're doing a package deal where you get a signed copy of "The Laziest Girl in Town," a signed poster, a DVD copy of the video for "You're to Blame," and my first two records, "Happy Doing What We're Doing" and "The Fresh Up Club." Click the link below and get your new copy today


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Shelley and Ronnie said...

Elizabeth - This is awesome! I'm buying some! Hey, I'll see you at Harlow's in Sac on Oct 21st. Will you have any there? My mom thought the CD you signed for her at Grass Valley was your own CD, so I'd like to get one of yours signed for her (Pat). It is always so fun to open for you guys with the Cousin Cricket band and I can't imagine a nicer bunch of folks than all of you Wheelies! Enjoy your time with your family and I look forward to seeing you in October! Shelley Elkan (and Ronnie too!)

Bruce James said...

Is $75 for the CD a typo??