Monday, October 25, 2010

Beautiful views, ass kickings, and lots o' pics

This weekend we played 5 shows in 3 days, making our way from Grants Pass, Oregon to the San Juan Islands (north of Seattle, a good 8 hours plus a ferry ride from Grants Pass), where we played 2 shows on Orcas Island on Saturday and 2 shows in Friday Harbor on San Juan Island on Sunday.

Our asses are pretty well kicked at this point.

Now, it's not that we don't love the San Juans. We do! The ferry rides alone are worth a solid ass kicking. All around you are green green islands covered in mist while seabirds and eagles fly overhead. It's a magical spot.

It's just that we had to drive a really long way. And then there was no time to rest, because we had to play two shows.

Even as I write this, I know how silly it sounds. I mean, our shows ate typically 90 minutes. So when we play two shows that means we have to work for 3 WHOLE HOURS!

Which really, is not that much. I know that. I've worked real jobs before.

The shows themselves were really great. I like the island people mon! Very nice. Willie has actually spent a fair amount of time on Martha's Vineyard. He even wrote a book about it called "Cooler Heads." He was delighted at how nice these Pacific Northwest Islanders are. The East Coast Islanders are apparently not so warm and friendly.

I have so much I want to tell you. But my blog writing time is limited. We're an hour and a half from Portland and I told Lisel we'd draw together just as soon as I finished this entry. So here are some pics of my favorite moments. Or should I say my favorite moments I had the presence of mind to snap photos of. (I missed the Sierra Nevada brewing company party and Willie and Lisel's playdate in Sacramento and Harlow's and...I can't capture it all!!!!)

Lisel in the luggage cart in San Francisco

The view from our room in San Fran. Le sigh.

The Herbst Theater in San Francisco. Le double sigh.

You Don't often see this view from your windshield.

Lisel and I experiencing actual fall colors in Grants Pass (we don't get that much in Austin)

Ferry rides!

Orcas Island beauty!

Lisel and Jim bonding like crazy.

And now! We draw!

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