Monday, November 22, 2010

Brokedown Breakdown

Yesterday, on the last day of two week tour, the bus broke down. On the day when the majority of the band was counting on leaving the short days and cold nights of the East Coast behind as soon as we finished our gig in Newport, and heading for some much needed warm Austin Thanksgiving Holiday love, the bus just. Stopped. Working.

We had been on the road for about an hour and a half when the wheel jerked to the left, and the brakes started seizing. When the brakes started smoking, we knew this was no minor bus mishap.

Of course, it was Sunday. Of course, the first wrecker service we called never even sent someone out for us. If it hadn't been a kind man from Phil's towing, who just happened to be driving around with his tow truck and just happened to see us, and just happened to want to stop and help us not only tow the bus to his place, but also help us find a truck to get the gear to the gig, we would have been sunk.

Phil's towing rocks!

And then the opening band, Citizens Band Radio, decided that they would be beyond awesome and drive two hours from the gig and two hours back in their converted 1957 city bus to pick up the rest of us so that we could make the gig. I love their bus. And their band. They kicked some serious ass.

Citizen's Band Radio's Bus!

Some days you just get lucky. I mean, at least the bad luck of the breakdown was counteracted by the good luck of kind people.

Hopefully the rest of our guys will get on the road tonight, and make it home in time for turkey and stuffing and pie and parades and football.

As for Dave and I, we're hanging with out friends Laura and Tim today. We missed their wedding last month, but have spent the day admiring their beautiful wedding photos, getting a sense of the incredible day the created to celebrate and solidify their commitment and partnership.

And then we ate a cookie as big as Laura's head.

Now that's a Big Cookie!

And tomorrow we meet up with Lisel and my folks for Thanksgiving in New York City.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Well at least that didn't happen in a Maine blizzard. You all were fabulous to have been here in The Harbor and your show was spectacular.

Thanks - it was a hell of an evening.

Bernie in Boothbay