Saturday, December 4, 2010

SIMS is throwing a Party -- December 11th!

You know what the coolest thing about living in Austin is?  No, not breakfast tacos or Barton Springs, though they are exceptionally special and cool attributes of our fair city. It's the community man.  It's the fact that we have this amazing artistic community that encourages everything -- visual art, dance, theater, and of course, music.

One of the greatest organizations in town is SIMS. They provide mental health services and substance abuse counseling for Austin musicians.

You've all seen those "Behind the Music"s. Y'all know we musicians need it.

They're throwing a big party on December 11th at the Austin Music Hall. And if you want to support this community I was talking about, then you should definitely go.  I mean, you can see like 15 bands  and feel awesome about how awesome you are.

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