Friday, February 4, 2011

Me and the Beach

There's something you should know about me. I'm mad about the beach. Well, not really the beach so much as the ocean.

I'm crazy for the ocean. If the ocean were a dude, I would marry him. Sorry Dave, I have to speak the truth.

So the fact that, before yesterday afternoon, I hadn't had a swim in the ocean...well it was getting to me. I'd seen the waves crashing on the shore, I sat in the surf, I dug my get in the wet sand, I saw a pod of whales playing in the far of distance...but I hadn't dunked my head and had a swim in the salty water.

And it was making me more than a little crazy. Like sitting next to the your super hot soulmate and just. holding. hands.

What can I say? I was frustrated!

So yesterday, when we hit Honolulu and I found out we had a super long wait to check in to our rooms, I decided to for it. Dave had to go to load in, so I was on my own. I threw on a bathing suit and started hooding it to Waikiki.

One mile and a bowl of Udon soup later (hey, I'm pregnant! Food first is my motto!) and I was here.

Now I have to admit, Waikiki would not typically be my first choice for an ocean swim. It's crowed, the water is a bit murky, and the waves are no existent. But for the "pregnant woman swimming alone" scenario I found myself in, it was kind of perfect. I had thought of swimming solo at the beach near our hotel, but the waves were intense, the bottom corral and there were all these warning posted about rip tides pulling swimmers out to sea. Eek.

And so yesterday, on Waikiki, I submerged myself in the Pacific. I swam a little, floated
on my back, and swam a little more.

And it very wonderful. Suddenly, I was satisfied.

Hey man, what can I say? I love the ocean. And I think the ocean loves me back. BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop



Glad you are enjoying paradise.

Lord Roscoe said...

Oahu isn't a bad place for a first ocean endeavor. I grew up swimming in the ocean, won't swim in pools. Good to see you are taking time, when you can, for a little R & R.

Ellen said...

You are going from beautiful Honokaa, Hawaii to Bakersfield? Who in the heck booked that! What were they thinking? The smell of the tropic breezes to the whiff of cow pastures. Remember, a red light is just a suggestion, a swamp cooler is not happy hour drink and the best restaurants in Bakersfield serve pickled tongue. There's a slap of reality on the mainland. Hugs to you and the gang! Mahalo


Okay Ellen.
Them's fightin' words.