Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Flying Solo -- the aftermath, or Nothing's perfect

That's not to say that at the end of my first solo trip with the girls I wasn't totally exhausted. But it wasn't the kids who tired me out, it was me. From the day before with packing and getting the house ready, through the entirety of the trip, I held it together with a calmness and a capability that surprised me.

But the moment we got around other adults who could help me with the kids, my brain almost completely stopped functioning. I could barely put together a sentence, and collapsed in a heap at nap time.

Sweet, sweet nap time.

Being the responsible party wears me out every time.


Terri R Austin, Tx said...

Oh Elizabeth, how I remember those days. I have 4 - 3 of them within 3 years. My advice - relax and go with the flow. Everything doesn't have to be perfect all the time. It is a big job. Just sing to them and they will love it - as we all do !!
Terri R.

Carole said...

The photo looks like Willow was picked up at baggage claim!

Love your post about flying solo - and parenting in general.

Your writing is so expressive. I'm sure you represent the sentiments of many parents (though few can articulate them as well as you do).

EMQ said...

Terri, I keep trying to remind myself of that! Perfection is overrated, for sure.

And Carole, she does look like she's being picked up by he baggage claim. And thanks for the compliment.