Friday, July 15, 2011

Things to in Austin when you're burning up...and you have a toddler and a baby

It's the 49th straight day of thousand degree heat in Austin, and I've to terms with the fact that I need help.

Okay, really it's probably more like the 20-something-ist day of 100 degree or more heat here in the live music capital of the world, but I still need help.

I need ideas. Ideas about how to entertain, while at the same time wearing out, a toddler. While holding a baby.

And here's my idea. You give me some ideas for crafts, (wear a kid) outings
and around the house fun. I'll try them out, and blog the results.

Here are my own self started ideas.

If it were just me and Lisel, I'd just take her to the pool everyday. But she can't swim, and I need to hold the baby. So I'm thinking splash pads right? But some of those aren't so covered, which is bad for everyone. I need shade!

Do you know where the shady Austin splash pads are?

What about crafts? I'm trying to increase my craftiness, and including Lisel seems like a good idea. Maybe we could make these
lemon, lime slush cups

(idea taken from Say Yes! To Hoboken)

Or we can do some cardboard tube printing

(idea taken from Jennifer Perkins Pinterest)

But it'll take more than two crafts and a splash pad to get us through the summer.

Alright folks, I am ready to receive your wisdom!


Betty Crafter said...

I love this idea! The two you posted are awesome.

Anonymous said...

Buy a box of whole cloves and some oranges. Push the cloves into the orange to make faces, shapes, letters, numbers, or whatever!

Anonymous said...

our favorite splash pad this year is Eastwoods park. Beautiful shady park. Only drawback is pay-to-park on weekdays (it's quite close to UT).

i'm not a crafter so I want to steal any ideas you have...or go to that craft project swap!


Anonymous said...

and here is my favorite craft idea site:


Anonymous said...

Make bubbles, paper bag puppets, water balloon catch, painting with corn syrup and food coloring, play doh activities never get old

Anonymous said...

Make stamps out of apples or potatoes; cooking projects are great too - little ones love to pour and mix and stir

EMQ said...

I love all of these! Summer, you are so on!

EMQ said...

Joyce, we should have a non crafter craft idea exchange!

Rachel said...

(psst... this is Daniel's wife Alison's sister Rachel - HI!!!!)

Making playdough, playing in the tub, shaving cream on the table, markers and an old box, dress up in mama's closet, peanut butter/pine cone bird feeders

have fun staying out of the heat, and enjoy your travels!