Monday, September 12, 2011

I Go Back to Work This Friday

Friday, the 16th of September, will be my first day back to work since...well it kind of feels like forever.

I mean, since I took my break I've had a second child, experienced the band wife life (which is not nearly so easy as it looks. Much respect to my working/stay-at-home/part-time/ however-you-do-it sister moms. We're all working hard for the money, no matter what path we choose!) and have once again transformed into different woman than I was before April 15th.

So Friday, I'll be joining the Wheel onstage for ACL Fest. The next day, Oklahoma. And once again our family will strike our gypsy poses and see America.

I hope I haven't forgotten any songs...just kidding! Kind of.

Ay! Maybe I should go practice. And get ready for the next adventure.


cindyred60 said...

Mommy, Daddy, Baby, and Big Sis rocking the road !

John G. said...

We missed you in Kent, Ohio, last Friday! Happy to hear you're back, hopefully we'll see you next time!

janywarn said...

I'm having trouble imagining being on stage with the "Wheel" refered to as WORK! It always looks like so much fun!

Nancy from KC said...

Ahhh....the gypsy life. Your whole family neatly packed in a little bus...wait, isn't there a show about that? Hah! Glad your back. Make Ray let you sing "Mind of Men". That'll give'em a kick in the A*(%$(*.