Monday, October 3, 2011

This Weekend

We played in Bethlehem, PA with this as our backdrop.

It's a dead steel mill. Really, it looks more like an abandoned alien pirate ship. Very cool in a melancholy kind of way.

We walked on the beach in New Hampshire. Even on a cold, dreary, drizzly day, the beach is still where it's at.

And we played one of our favorite places on earth, the Stone Mountain Arts Center in Brownfield Maine. Best backstage ever, incredible food, a killer crowd and the most hospitable staff on earth. It's so cool, that we had to bring Lindsay and the kids to the gig, so that they could partake in the pre-gig hang. Thank you to Carol Noonan for bringing us there!

Now we have a day off which is nice because I'm really quite knackered. But in a good way. In a content, digging-on-the-adventures kind of way. And now, to nap.

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