Monday, November 7, 2011

M.E.O.W. Day at Momo's! This Saturday!

This Saturday I'll be taking part in a very cool happening. I'll be sitting on the "Do Music and Motherhood Mix" Panel as part of M.E.O.W. Day at Momo's. My panel starts at noon, but the event lasts from 11am to 6pm. They even start the day with Pancakes!

What is M.E.O.W. you ask? Well, the letters in the name stand for Musicians for Equal Opportunities for Women. You know I'm all about that. And this Saturday is the Kickoff Event. Awesome women like Susanna Choffel, Shelly King, Sara Hickman, Margaret Moser, Patrice Pike will be talking about everything from Staying Healthy on the Road to Building a Creative Community to Mixing Family and Music (that would be my panel!).

It should be very cool event. You can check it out and register here.  I'll see you there!

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