Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Play! The Play!

The weekend before last, we did the play in Claremore, Oklahoma. And it was an excellent time, both onstage and off. And I really meant to blog about it sooner but, you know, life and all.

(Just when I think I have the hang of this new groove we've gotten ourselves into, I find that in fact I'm actually free falling, grasping in the open air for something, anything to grab ahold of so I can stop for a moment or two. But that's a whole 'nother post completely)

But the play. The Play! How I love the play. I love the differentness of it. I love the backstage dance and the dressing room chatter. And I love the people.  The cast and crew are just the loveliest people ever.

Colby and Lisel Play Cups

I've known this for a long time. But this trip it was just especially evident. I felt like part of a huge family.

15 minutes later Charissa had totally whispered Willow to sleep

The trip (another) ball breaker. Two flights and a car rental and then a thirty minute drive without Dave. I'm getting used to that kind of trip. But this time I flew up and back with cast members, and they all wanted to help and hang with the kids. Our good friend Taylor even helped me with the whole rental car madness. It was really delightful travel.

Lisel and Uncle Taylor getting some drawing done

When we got to the theater, Cheryl Smith, the head of wardrobe, had staked out two small practice rooms for Lisel and Willow to sleep and nap in.  Lisel, very astutely called them their "dressing rooms."

Jobelle watched them while we were onstage. During dress rehearsal, she even brought them out to watch  us. I brought Lisel up on stage during the barbershop number, and then watched with Lisel during the parts when I wasn't needed. We ranged around the empty theater, hand in hand, Lisel pointing out her friends as they came onstage.  It was incredible.

Us onstage
Ruby Jane Smith and Lisel
Steve Uzzell and Willow
all picture taken by Jobelle Smith

And exhausting. I cannot tell a lie, these days work is a serious kick in the ass. But what they hell? I spent years of my young adulthood kind of bored. This is so much better.

We worked and played and ate and slept and almost as quickly as it began, the weekend was done. Just like that we created another sweet memory.

This December we'll be doing the play in Richardson, Texas at the Eisemann Center from the 28th through the 31st.   And normally, I would look at working during that sacred week between Christmas and New Years as an affront to my holiday happiness. But this is different. I get to spend the holidays with my extended, extended family.  That's a present all in itself.


Anonymous said...

What a nice post, Elizabeth. And what nice pics. I've downloaded all of them. The one of Steve and Willow laughing is priceless.

Thanks for your memories, thoughts and photos.

Your pal, Taylor

EMQ said...

I love the one of you and Lisel too! I can't wait to spend the holidays with you!

sbaroni said...

Hi Elizabeth,
Hope we see you at the Knick next week in RI!