Friday, November 18, 2011

Tempting Fate = Never a Good Idea

You know that post I wrote about how great the road was going? Well I almost didn't post it. As I've said before, I'm a highly superstitious person. And that post seemed too...well too positive. It seemed to me like a fate tempter.

Because fate loves a good tempting. It loves you to speak aloud how great things are going and how good you feel, because those statements open some kind of cosmic karmic door through which it can walk with its anti-hubris stick so as to give you a good smacking about.

Or so the superstitious part of me thinks.

But the other day whilst sitting in front of my computer, I wasn't feeling superstitious. I was feeling like the hip 21st century mommy blogger that I aspire to be, mostly. I hesitated a bit before it became time topublish though. "Are you sure you want to put this out into the universe right before a tour?" I asked myself."

"Come on," my modern self told my superstitious primal self, "There's no way that posting one little blog post is going to possibly influence the course of events on this tour you're about to take. The world just doesn't work that way. Go ahead, click publish and be done with it."

How foolish of me! Because it seems the world does work that way! How else can you explain the Baby Bus starting act up twenty miles outside of New Orleans. 20 miles before I was scheduled to take the girls on a flight to Baltimore. 20 miles before Dave and Lindsay were to start their 20 hour trek up to meet us.

Fate! I admit to your hubris hating existence!

Luckily I must not have gone over the positivity edge, because we made our flight. Dave and Lindsay were able to find a Sprinter mechanic to fix the leaky hose that was causing our woes.
The backup plan was to rent a minivan, and thank goodness they didn't have to do that.

Fate cut us a small break, and for that, I thank Fate.

But man, it was looking kind of bleak there for a while. As soon as I heard we were having car troubles, I admitted to the guys my mistake and apologized to them. Was a quick admission of guilt the key to a less intense punishment? Is Fate like my parents in that way? Who know? But I do know for now on I'll be saving the positivity for after the long tours.

I won't underestimate fate ever again.

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Kimberly said...

Elizabeth- You did not tempt fate at all, you just have a Sprinter that breaks down willy nilly for no reason whatsoever. We also have a Sprinter for my art business and have put $7K into it in a year and a half. Make sure you have the warranty work on the manifold done. Ours burnt up before the recall. Baaad news and dangerous! Good luck, and have a lovely Thanksgiving! (We met at the show in Ann Arbor- you had just come back on tour. I was the red-headed woman that liked your vintage dress if you recall that.)