Thursday, December 1, 2011

Friends Along the Way -- Boston, MA

On this last trip, we had a delightful spur of the moment lunch with one of my best friends in the world, Meredith Goldstein. About an hour outside of Boston, I realized that we were, well, an hour outside of Boston, home to Mere. I sent out the call, which she luckily got, and an hour later we were all eating Dunkin Donuts treats in her living room. 

Maybe at some earlier point in my life I would have planned this meeting. But unfortunately my brain doesn't work like that anymore. These days, I'm living minute to minute.

Mere got to meet Willow, and they got along wonderfully until Willow tried to eat her boot, at which time I realized my youngest daughter was very hungry.

I've talked about Mere before. But have I ever bragged about her? Well when you've been friends with someone since middle school, you achieve parental bragging rights. Look it up, it's the law, I swear.

Not only is Meredith the advice columnist for the Boston Globe, with her Love Letters Blog, but she's also a soon to be published author. Her book, The Singles, is due out on April 24th.  It's the story the only five dateless friends at a wedding. And it's good. Which is why you should totally put it on your to-do list of books to read for 2012.  It's so good in fact that it's already been optioned by a production company to be made into a movie. I mean, come on! That's information worth bragging about.