Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Return of Claire Small -- Massage Therapist Styles

Yesterday during my free time, I went and got a massage from Claire Small. You remember Claire? She's the incredible singer songwriter who came out on the road with us and helped watch Lisel and opened shows. She's an amazing woman and a great friend.

And now she's an awesome massage therapist.

About this time last year, she decided that she wanted to expand her skill set and go to school for massage.  It was a good idea on her part because she was born for this work. This coming from me, who is not always hip to massage. I would usually prefer accupunture to tell the truth. I've had many an underwhelming experience on the table.

But yesterday...I believe the massage term is WOMP! I was womped by Claire Small! After her massage I felt all flowy and giggly and sparkly and generally right with the world. Content in body, mind and spirit.

Claire's not licensed yet, but you can get her to work on you at the  Lauterstein-Conway Clinic for $35 an hour, no tip. I think they might even be running a 5 dollar off special on the internet.  And she'll be licensed in April, just so you know.

Now go! Take care of yourself!  I was so glad I took care of myself.

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