Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What is the sound of one blog post disappearing?

Last Wednesday, while driving from Phoenix to Sam Diego, I wrote a blog post about how nervous I was about falling prey to road induced exhaustion.

On Thursday night, Willow developed a high fever. I got very little sleep.

On Friday, somewhere between a groggy morning where I realized my baby was actually sick and the trip to the Urgent Care clinic with my mother-in-law Blossom, (who is awesome! Would that I could bring her to every future doctor visit, including my own) I posted this blog post about how scared I was of getting tired, and asking for advice.

Somehow though, it never posted. Somewhere between here and the Blogger server the little ones and zeroes of my not so veiled cry for help simply evaporated. Not posted, but not in my drafts folder. Where did they go?

The world may never know.

It's like a metaphor for so many things these days. I have the intention to get something done, and maybe even the gumption to execute it. But sometimes things just dissapear. Plans and projects evaporate like morning mist.

This weekend I experienced mild exhaustion followed by a recovery, and realized that yes, I will be entering the tired zone. On Friday we head to Europe so, yeah, things are about to get crazy up in here.

But we'll deal. We'll recover. Even if things seem a little dire for a day or to. And soon we'll have a story to tell each other when we're rested and maybe a little bored.

Though if you have any tips for dealing with jetlagged toddler, please! Send them my way. I could definitely use help in that department.

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Reyna said...

Oh hon! Sending good sleep jou jou to you all. Hope Europe is a sick free zone for you.