Monday, March 12, 2012

Belfast -- the Botanical Gardens

When you travel with kids, your sightseeing options can be kind of limited. Especially when you only have a couple of hours after you get into town and/or before soundcheck. I would have liked to explore Belfast more. It's an interesting city. You can feel the resonance of recent trauma or "the troubles" as they're called. Our drivers would point out buildings that only a little while ago were regularly bombed.

It's hard to wrap your head around that.

Now, however, Belfast seems to be undergoing a boom of sorts. You can almost feel the sigh of relief. "With the troubles past, now we can build,the city seems to be saying. The waterfront is lined with new, new,

During our free time with the kids, we opted to see the green instead. We hoofed it to the Botanical Gardens for some running around and flower viewing. When your in the middle of touring, taking buses to planes to trains to buses to hotels, a little green and flowery goodness goes a long way.

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