Wednesday, March 21, 2012

SXSW 2012! Part the Second

Tuesday was Ray's birthday, and though I could feel the sick coming on, and though I kept threatening to leave, I stayed until 11 (so late!) and saw so many wonderful friends and badass music. Jake Shimabukuro doing Bohemian Rhapsody is for real! And Kat Edmonson singing Lucky will break your heart every time. It was worth the day spent almost entirely in bed the next day.

Taken by Jay Reynolds
Which I'm glad I did, because I had just enough strength to attend the Austin Music Awards, where Dave and Ray and Michelle and I accepted the award for "Best Country Band." (Check out our picture. Willow made the Chronicle!)  And while we were waiting backstage, The Boss himself walked by us. We were inches away from Bruce Springsteen for like, 15 seconds. It was my literal brush with fame.
Backstage with Ray, Michelle and Dave and then, moments later

Photo By Todd V. Wolfson. I was right there! I swear!

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