Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Happy Belated Mothers Day

Photo Courtesy Sandy Sanger

I never remember to post on the actual day.  Halloween, Christmas, Arbor Day, Mothers Day...marking them in my blog never. quite. happens.  And I don't know why.  It must have to do with my mildly rebellious streak.  When the whole world is shouting "Happy Mothers Day!" I stay silent because...well just because, dammit! I'll do my shouting two days later, thank you very much.

This mother's day was the first time I felt like I actually was deserving of the holiday. Not that I remember much about previous mothers days...they just kind of passed me by I guess. I was still so new to it all, and neither of my kids really understood the concept. Getting a "Happy Mothers Day" exclusively from your husband is a bit underwhelming.

But this year Lisel got really into Mother's Day due to her awesome daycare.  I got paper flowers handed to me by a three year old who was thrilled at the concept of a day for moms. We went home and made more paper flowers for my own mother, and cards for both grandmothers. And then I got to play a gig with my best friends, on the most gorgeous day of the year and watch my oldest daughter dance while I sang, and feel my heart break when I saw my youngest daughter crying for me while I was up onstage.
And I felt like yes, this is a good thing. Taking a day to honor mothers, one of whom is me, seemed right.

I think the transition may finally be complete. I accept it. I'm a mom. And it's rad.

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