Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wee One Wednesdays -- Good Glue Apps

I'm starting a new regular feature of the blog dealing with kids and cool stuff for them. Wee one Wednesdays, you are officially begun!

This week, I'm talking apps. It's no secret that I am in the pro-iphone camp as far as kid entertainment goes. I dig the interactivity of it all, and so do my girls.  Back in my day, all we had was tv, which basically talked at us and tried to get us to buy sugar cereal and toys. But apps are a great way to meld learning and play and fine motor skill development.

Which brings me to Good Glue Apps. These are awesome, kid friendly apps that deal with everything from music making monsters to balloons to trucks. In fact he has created a whole line of truck apps -- dumptruck, garbage truck, fire truck, recycling truck, railroad boom truck. It's brilliant, because guess what most kids I know dig? Trucks, in all their many forms. The bigger and more specialized the truck, the more interesting they seem to be to wee ones. And these apps let their little fingers control big trucks.

Like I said, Brilliant!

So go check out Good Glue. You'll definitely find something there for your itty bitty. We sure have.

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