Friday, August 10, 2012

Internet Rabbit Hole -- Colorado Edition

 frame 353 of the Patterson-Gimlin film, via Wikipedia

We're about to embark on a Colorado trip -- 8 gigs in 9 days. Sure, there's one day in New Mexico and one day in Utah, but mostly, we're in Colorado. Which means mountains. Lots of mountains. Have you ever driven in the mountains?  It's beautiful...and terrifying! And it takes 5 times longer to get anywhere than you think it is.  The last time we did a Colorado trip in the Baby Bus, I was unprepared and unexpectedly car sick., This time, I'm going to quell my anxiety about all that mountain driving with a little research.  At least we'll have some cool things to do when we (finally) get to stop moving for the day.

Red River New Mexico has had some dubious yet possible Bigfoot Sightings.  That would lively up our trip.

I've never been to Lake City, CO, but I may have to do a kid free visit to Cannibal Trail which is a bunch of sights related to Colorado's most famous Cannibal, Alferd Packer.

The week after we're there, Durango Colorado will be hosting Stage 1 of the USA Pro Cycing Race, which I hear is supposed to be our answer to the Tour de France.

In Breckenridge, CO we can take a tour of a mine! I'll go by myself if I have to.

I would have really liked to see these snow drawings Sonja Hinrichsen made in Steamboat Springs, CO last winter. I'll settle for Strawberry Hot Springs instead.

Due to it's closeness to Dinosaur National Monument, the whole town of Vernal, Utah is dinosaur themed. We may be making a trip to Dinosaurland, where they let you touch actual dinosaur bones!!!!

I'm having trouble finding interesting stuff in Arvada, Colorado. Got any ideas?


Jeff said...

you can visit Lake Arbor, the site of much of Jeff's childhood. Just west of the lake is the bmx track near where Jeff knocked out his tooth in elementary school. Or just stroll around the lake itself where Jeff and his friends once caught a very large carp and put it in wheelbarrow with some water and showed it around the neighborhood. Many other Jeff's landmarks abound.

EMQ said...

Then a Jeff centric expedition we will have! What kind of bait dies one use to catch a carp?