Friday, August 3, 2012

Internet Rabbit Hole -- Oh (Camrose, Alberta) Canada! Edition

This weekend we're traveling to Camrose, Aberta, Canada to play the Big Valley Jamboree.  I occurs to me that I know nothing at all about Camrose or Alberta or, I hate to admit it, Canada. So I did a little digging. Now, through the power of the internet, you too can experience Camrose, Alberta and Canada at practically the same time I will.

The City of Camrose has a new baby cygnet in town. You have to love any community that celebrates baby swans.

Wolverine, of X-Men fame, was born in Alberta

Other Famous Albertans include Nathan Fillion, Tommy Chong, Evangeline Lilly and sister act Sara and Tegan

A mere hour and a half from Camrose is Vegreville, home to a giant Ukranian Easter Egg. Side trip anyone?

I think this is a specialty of Quebec, but I'm really hoping I can get ahold of some Poutine while we're up north.

As of this moment,  the Canadians have won 2 Silver and 5 Bronze Medals during these Olympics. But they hope to win more this week.

These Jeff Foxworthy jokes about Alberta really me a sense of what it's like to live there.

Do you having any Camrose and/or Alberta and/or Canadian information that I should know?

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