Monday, October 15, 2012


Well, the Elizabeth McQueen Meet Brothers Lazaroff Kickstarter is almost at a close. We have a mere three days until we reach the end of our 30 day Kickstarting period.  We've met our goal, which is pretty incredible in an of itself.  And now we're trying to get as many people to back this project as possible.  It's not so much about raising money as it is about involving people in the adventure/experiment that Kickstarter has become for us.

I have so much I want to write about the whole deal -- but today both kids are at home and thus my time is severely limited...So instead I wanted to share with you a couple of update videos that our backers got.  These are public, so if you're one of twitter/facebook followers, you might have seen them...or you might have declined to click because you have a gazillion other things coming at you from life, the internet, you phone, your kids...

After the campaign is closed, we'll be sending the updates out only to folks who have backed the project.  It's one of the coolest aspects of Kickstarter, and one that I'm really excited about.  We get to bring people into the process, and show them all the stuff we were taught to leave behind the curtain.  Rehearsals, studio time, budgets, song inspirations, demos...everything that goes into the making of a finished product.

I've also included the link to each update, in case you want to read the text.  Here goes!

Why I wrote Mind of Men and a video of one of the first times ever we played together, back in January on the radio at 88.1 KDHX in St. Louis

We decided to record a 6th song called Dreamin'. You can hear the demo I made for it as the soundtrack to this video.

I was pretty psyched when we made our goal! So I made this video the next day. I used a demo of Gone Solid Gone that David has sent me literally moments before we surpassed our goal!

Thanks for reading and watching and considering and joining.  This project has been incredible so far, and I expect that it will only become more so as we get deeper into it!

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JLF said...

I can only assume that kickstarting could be interfering w/ toilet training. Or some other catastrophe, hopefully mild -- has befallen you.

Hope all is well.