Monday, February 16, 2009


Dude! Tonight we're doing the Late show with David Letterman. Needless to say, I'm super excited, seeing as how this is my first time to petform on a late night show...and hello! It's Letterman!

Ok, enough exclamation points.

I lied! We're doing Letterman!!!!

I'm still sick with a capital ICK. Between the cold and the schedule, this crud is sticking around. But now that we're southward bound, I hope to improve.

The only upside of being sick is that I was able to. Lay around with Lisel for the last couple of days. Is there anything better than hanging out with her? In a word. No.

Despite the Ick, the last two nights have been a blast. We played in Utica on Saturday. I laid low in the hotel room most of the day, but I was really charmed by Utica on the way to the gig. It had that lovely old East Coast quaintness to it. I love Texas, but that kind of creaky old house with cabdels in the window vibe is hard to find in the Lone Star State.

It was a sweet Valentine's day show. The crowd was exceptionally rad, and the band definitely was riding that energy. It was the kind of show that is so fun that flies past you. One minute you opening with Miles of Texas, and then suddenly the show is done and Willie is signing bandanas and old LP's by the side of the stage. The most goosebumpy moment was when Willie played the song Valentine.

Last night in Albany was awesome too. The crowd rocked, and Willie brought out a lot of new stuff, most notably some Hank Williams tunes--Hey Good Lookin', Move it on Over and one more that I'm having trouble remembering. (blame it on the phlem factory inside of me. It's using all my resources.). He was very generous with solos last night too, which meant everyone got to play slot. A plus when every player on stage rocks.

And now I'm off to nap. I have to be rested for Letterman:)

Before I go though, I recommend that you take alook at The Willie and the Wheel site. They've posted lots of cool reviews, including a piece from the Wall Street Journal.


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Bruce James said...

I DVR'd Letterman and saw it this morning. No close-ups of anyone with a bad cold. Is that good or bad? Willie's guitar sounded like it had a bad string, and perhaps as a result, he was not in a groove. Otherwise the AATW people were tight and the Letterman house band less so. What number did you all play during the break before Hesitation Blues?

EMQ said...

That was "Boogie Back To Texas"