Saturday, February 14, 2009

Now it's Gone, But I Don't Worry

Well, I happened. Last night I lost my voice. Onstage. I had just enough in me to get through my duet with Willie. I think I used the three notes I had left to full effect, but after the song my pipes were gone, solid gone.

This has happened before, and I'm sure it will happen again. My voice is the first thing to go when I get run down. I think my body kind of psyched itself out. We're just not used to the cold, my body and me. And we keep going to colder and colder places. Red Bank was kind of chilly, Wilkes Barre and Lancaster were officially frigid, and Utica..well, you can see for youself. This is my morning view out of the back of the baby bus:

Baby it's friggin freazing out there!

Luckily, Floyd Domino was around to help me out. He was going to dinner with his friend Will Campbell, whose wife Sarah owns an herbal products store called Herbs from the Labyrinth. Will and Floyd procured me a neti pot, *and* neti pot salt. (For those of you who don't know, a neti pot is a little pot you use to pour warm salt water through your nose. It's way awsomer than it sounds, and is the best preventative measure against colds and allergies that I have ever used. Of course, I haven't been using it lately, hence this crud I have). The glorious neti has cleared me out! I hope I'll have enough voice for the show tonight, and am praying I'll be better by tommorrow.

Which is why I'm off to nap with Lisel!

But before we go, check out these great and random pics of the fam on the road:

The boys drive the bus

A happy baby, a happy Nana

Like father, Like daughter

Just plain cute

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Sarah said...

Hello Elizabeth. We didn't have a chance to meet at the concert, but I am happy to hear that you received the Neti pot & salt, and I'm so pleased that we were able to supply you with them! The concert was wonderful & we had no idea that you'd lost your voice! Hopefully, it's back by now.

Green blessings,